Manfred Welling
My background is chemistry and I spent many years doing research on polymers, paints and adhesives, which in later life helped me understand not only the behaviour and characteristics of different paints and paint mediums but also the technicalities of printmaking.

Having got my degree, a chance encounter led to a complete change of direction and I exchanged the world of chemical research for the rather more exciting one of public relations and advertising, becoming involved with designers, typographers, photographers, writers and other creative people who influenced the way I look at the world. Among these were the young Terence Conran at the start of his meteoric rise to fame and fortune, and the industrial photographer Maurice Broomfield

I have had no formal art training but have attended, over a period of some 25 years, numerous courses and workshops devoted to different ways of making art.

Many years of chemical research instilled in me a love of experimenting that has never left me. Experimentation is an essential part of my whole approach to making art and I'll try out anything to see what it will do. There's nothing you cannot do in art - anything goes.