Watercolour & Mixed Media

I started painting in watercolour in the early 1980s and for many years studied with Sarah Holliday RWS. In 2016 I started exploring the possibilities of combining watercolour with gesso, acrylic mediums and gels that  produced exciting and often unpredictable effects not achievable by watercolour or acrylics on their own. The images on this page show the results of these experiments.

My paintings are an emotional response to the landscape and evolve gradually as I apply colours intuitively. Shapes and areas of colour emerge, resulting in semi-abstract images that suggest landscape but can be interpreted in any way the viewer choses. 

I paint what I feel rather than what is in front of me. I am inspired by the bands of colour and texture that make up a landscape, by trees, skies and the sea, the rising and setting of the sun, rock formations, shadows and the changing of the light.

My great love is Andalusia, where I go every year to paint with a group of friends. Another favourite destination is Iceland which has some of the most extraordinary landscapes and colours on the planet.